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Since 2007, Millennium Studios has been servicing productions in Shreveport and throughout Louisiana. In 2011, we opened our 70,000 sq. ft. facility, featuring two sound stages, production offices, a construction mill, a SFX mill, and a world-class VFX studio.

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WORLDWIDE FX is a Visual Effects Company and part of the Millennium Studios family.

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Please take a moment to sign the petition.

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UPDATE on previous post. See new contact info!:

The Louisiana legislative session is just about over. The film industry needs your help. HB829 is in a special conference committee today with three senators and three representatives on the committee.. The bill will need two votes from each the senate and representative side to move to final passage. We need the bill to pass without caps that will be detrimental to the film industry. We feel that the representative side understands this well. The senate side is of concern. Mainly Senator Adley from Benton, LA (Shreveport area) and Senator Donahue Mandeville, LA.
Please call or write these two senators NOW.

Senator Adley: (318) 965-1755 or adleyr@legis.la.gov
Senator Donahue: Phone:(985) 727-7949 or donahuej@legis.la.gov

Please be polite and respectful. Ask them to vote for HB829 without any harmful caps.

Session ends tomorrow night. We need to be proactive now. Let's be counted and show our support for the film industry!
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Film Crew, Talent and Businesses that have benefited from the Film Industry,

Senator Robert Adley is the Senator for District 36 in northwest Louisiana, a rural and urban area that encompasses all of Bienville and Webster Parishes and parts of Bossier, Claiborne and Red River Parishes.

He is currently on the committee that could determine what happens in the legislation system for the film tax credits.

It is urgent that you contact Senator Adley and remind him how important the industry is to you and your family. Let him know that you support a bill like HB829 but don’t support a harmful cap that would decrease the business and not allow any room for growth.

This is your chance to speak up about how the film industry has affected your business or kept you working as a film industry professional.

This session ends tomorrow at midnight! Please call his office or email him. Time is running out.

There are six people sitting on this committee that are meeting right now. Three from the House and three from the Senate. We need two votes from each side. Right now we feel we have the two votes from the house and one from the senate. Adley’s support is what we are after.

Here is all the contact info:

Email- Senator Robert Adley District 36 adleyr@legis.la.gov

Office Number-(318) 965-1755
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The film industry affects more than just film crew. See for yourself! ... See MoreSee Less

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Okay Shreveport / Bossier film crew let's get back to work!

Union Feature Film


Director: Brett Simon

Producers: Eric Fischer and Brianna Fischer

Cast: To be announced soon......
Prep starts: June 1st

Dates of production: 7-6-2015 to 8-7-2015

Mail resumes and inquiries to:
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The video was made by TheCredits.org, the online magazine of the Motion Picture Association of America

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